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.All note cards are 4 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches- nine blank note cards and envelopes per box.
           $12.95 (+tax) per box
Christmas cards  9 per box
   Wholesale queries welcome.
Whimsy Home Note Cards, a division of Leatherwood Publishing, produces unique whimsical note cards individually designed by award winning artist            Nancy Packard Leasman.  Referring to photographs of actual places, Leasman creates the original art and note card reproductions in the Whimsy Home style.  Influenced by the castles of Germany and the thatched roofs of England's  Cotswolds, Leasman is also inspired by the charm of the Minnesota countryside and its rural villages.  She captures the romantic essence of every scene.  She will personally design original art, note cards, and Christmas cards from photos of your home, farm, church, business or city street scene. Original must be purchased with each note card order.
Commissioned Note cards and Christmas Cards:                        
4 ½ x 5 ¾ with envelopes            
10 cards ( $1.25 ea)……….$12.50          
25 cards ( $1.00 ea.)………$25.00           
50 cards ( $ .90 ea.)………..$45.00          

  Originals: Are you a fan of Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars? Consider how the work of artists appreciates over the years; especially those whose work has reached wide audiences. The original paintings from the Whimsy Home Design collection have increased in value from the initial commission price.Ask for current price.
  Commission your own future heirlooms of a home, farm, historic building, church or other scene. Nancy will execute the work in fine whimsical detail using ink and watercolor. All art work is on acid-free paper (8 ½”x11”), matted to 11”x14,” and shrink-wrapped.Special price: $125 plus $12 for shipping and handling. Minnesota residents add $6.99 for sales tax. Send your photo and any special instructions to: Whimsy Home Designs, 20395 County 86, Long Prairie, MN 56347 or simply email photo and instructions.
Up to 50 cards with original..$10.00                   
51 to100 cards with original... 13.00               
More than 100 cards…. Ask about cost             

Contact Whimsy Home Designs for ordering information.